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Friday, October 21, 2005


Trust...or 'bharosa' as we call it, comes today to my weird thoughts as not just another phenomena or behavioral aspect, but as an essential element of existence, a crucial constituent to survival.

Subsequently, I am forced to brood over and consequently, scribble...

There are generally various echelons of "Trust". Let me list them.

Implicit, innate and biological trust:
-While walking, when I lift my foot, I am sure it'll come down. I trust gravity.
-After a tiring game, when I am gasping, and wheezing, I know there is enough oxygen left. I trust the fact "Atmosphere has 21pc O2".

Appraised, yet innate and implicit trust:
-When I switch on the fan, close my eyes and drift into dreams and hallucinations, I trust those nut-bolts that keep the fan stuck to the ceiling.
-In the car, while driving, when I pound and pummel the accelerator paddle, I am aware that I can stop. I trust the brakes

Explicit, weighed, and empirical trust:
-When I embark on an AirDeccan flight, I know it would fly and come back to earth. I trust Airbus.
-To get that 'ten-minute-extra' time to sleep, in the morning staring at the time-piece, I assume that I can build up a nice excuse. I trust my wit.

Expressed, weighed and applied trust:
-On a secure website, while submitting my card details to bid for a steal, I understand it's safe. I trust Verisign.
In that small, flimsy, wooden box, when I drop my 'worth-a-fortune' pay cheque, I know it would be picked up by the right guy. I trust HDFC.

Laid-out and mutual trust:
-When I lackadaisically send out the mail for booking a cab for me to reach home, I know it would be taken care of. I trust the travel desk.
-I can give thousand examples for this. I trust myself. :)

The poor, old and useless brain of mine needs a coffee now. He knows I will get one for him.
No trust involved...master-slave contract.
Yes Boss!


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