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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Frozen Thoughts

It was cold. I got down at the airport and looked around for someone who should be waiting for me. Moments later, I was in the front seat of the beautiful black Benz, envying the driver and admiring the milieu. We were dashing at 140 kmph, when suddenly a motorbike went past, at seemingly double the velocity, and from the left lane.

I had arrived in Germany.

Since that day and till today, I am full of impressions. Coming out from India, I have touched as many as four other countries so far in this trip. All of them quite di
fferent and interesting in their own way! Italy, Vatican City, France and Germany. My later posts will bear account for each of those sprees.

These days, with the strange incessant sentiment of missing India, for the first time in my life, I am undergoing an unremitting mood of home-sickness. I have never missed my parents as much as this.

In the bed, cuddling with the softest pillow ever made and trying to introspect, I couldn’t help but question my own beliefs. Beliefs that seek rationality in every existence, science in every emotion, logic in every perception. And I had no answer. That night, I slept with fear and uncertainty. Ambiguity prevailed around my thoughts. There was certain haziness which denied making way for my comfort.

“Every thing is much superior here. Neat, shipshape, and organized. There is no disorder. This is exactly what I sought. Then why do I feel the urge to return back? Why am I craving to restore the regular chaos around me? Why am I not happy?” I am still hunting for the answers.